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Louis Vuitton Bag Between the end , is the annual return of the floating population peak of the New Year . ” Cumulative 38 million a year to pay pension insurance interrupted ” message provoking people sensitive nerve , brings to mind the previous years every December on the emergence of ” surrender tide .”

Louis Vuitton Bag Social Security has been likened to a “safety net “, ” stabilizer” , the starting point is to improve and protect the interests of workers, and pension insurance is one of the most important component of a . Today, thousands of people each year to pay interruption insurance, what are the reasons behind ? Eighteen Third Plenary Session that ” perfect for transferring social insurance policy , expand insurance coverage to pay ,” What impact will this produce ?

■ From ” Surrender ” to ” off Paul ”

- Enterprises are unwilling to pay pension insurance, unemployment insurance were insured by the Louis Vuitton Bag cumulative unwilling to pay the full 15 years to pay , social security can not be transferred when the movement of persons , causing part of the insured person off insurance

“Broken guarantee” , formerly known as ” surrender .”

Prior to 2011 , ” Social Insurance Law” , each time returning to Louis Vuitton Bag the Spring Festival , the Pearl River Delta , Dongguan , Foshan and other places there are always a lot of migrant workers flocked to the social security act hall , extracting accumulated in their individual pension accounts part of the money, stuffed to ” surrender tide .” Guangdong, Hunan Province are working migrant workers LIU Si-ming , had been one of them. He admitted that at the time the young , the old-age security for their future not too many concepts , and almost a year for a unit , so by the end of it all means to obtain more money home for the holiday at hand . Individual pension accounts section a year down to about 2,000 yuan, considered a small fortune in cash.

Although no accurate statistics , but according to relevant agencies estimate , Louis Vuitton Bag then exit the annual pension insurance are about 30 million people .

After this situation in 2011 has been a fundamental change . ” After the ” Social Insurance Law “introduced pension has been allowed to take Louis Vuitton Bag the cash surrender , only for the transfer continue .” Staff Mei Road, Guangzhou social security health insurance business lobby said. From a policy perspective, whether or not the insured person to continue to pay pension insurance , before reaching the statutory retirement age , they can not extract individual pension funds in the account , which makes the ” surrender ” is no longer possible. December 11 , reporters at the small North Canton Hall of social insurance offices , social security offices plum East Hall , as well as residents of expropriation, purchase pension insurance unit Guangzhou Local Taxation Bureau business lobby turned a morning, did not see to apply for exit or interruption pension formalities personnel.

The insured person is prohibited by law to withdraw their individual account pension , ending the surrender behavior in order to get cash for the target , but did not change other types of interruption or exit behavior .

Some people change jobs because the new unit is not to pay Louis Vuitton Bag off the pension and insurance . Ma Mingyang in Beijing, a well-known chain modeling agency as a senior hair stylist , practitioners ten years, he has worked in fifty-six barber shop , only one payment to employees pension insurance . ” Of course units for insurance is a good thing , if you do not give , I would not take the initiative to request off Paul is the norm .”

Some people off because of the interruption of employment insurance . She rose to her pregnancy quit his job at a publishing company in Beijing , home to do ” full-time mother ,” her pension from interruption. “I plan to work out child after the age of two , when the time and then went on pension .”

Some people off the insurance payment is Louis Vuitton Bag considered to have a total of 15 years , in accordance with existing policy after reaching retirement age can receive a monthly pension , count yourself afterwards unwilling to pay more later .

There are quite a few people interrupt the transfer of social security is a result of successive poor . Paul himself did not want to break the old unit to pay social security , the new unit can provide social security, but off-site mobile workers , pension relationship can not be smooth docking. Some people affected by the long tedious process of transfer and continuation of the tired , interrupted for a few months or longer insurance. Some people can not be achieved due to the shift from off Paul . According to the analysis , in 3800 people in these groups occupy a fairly Louis Vuitton Bag large scale. Because of its pension is completely passive interrupt , which some people for improving the system, the smooth continuation of the voice is the highest.

■ transfer and continuation of poor , helpless off the insured person insured

- 150 million migrant workers flow between urban and rural areas , more than 6,000 people interprovincial mobility , transfer and continuation problems affecting pension insurance process

Louis Vuitton Bag How difficult pension transfers continue ? Difficult to directly lead to the desire of a large number of workers insured frustration off Paul ?

Human Resources and Social Security , Louis Vuitton Bag said Jin Weigang , director of social security , social insurance for transferring , both co-ordination of social insurance transfers continuation region , including convergence of social insurance relations between the different systems , such as between urban and rural social insurance system convergence. China has 260 million migrant workers , of which 150 million people flow between urban and rural areas , more than 6,000 people interprovincial mobility . Either way flow involves the transfer of successive social security issues .

“Social Insurance Law” from a legal perspective clear Louis Vuitton Bag regional employment equity principles of basic pension insurance and labor relations adapter , namely, ” to co-ordinate inter- regional employment of the individual , the basic pension insurance relationship with my transfer payment period accumulated. Individuals reach when the statutory retirement age , the basic pension segmented basis, unified payment . ”

Policy put it plainly, but the actual operation, but found that the transfer of the insured person succeeding difficult.

Zhao Xiuying and her husband had worked for Louis Vuitton Bag  nearly 10 years on a factory assembly line , Qinhuangdao , Hebei , has been paying pension insurance. Three years ago , the couple came to Beijing , into a property company . Three insurance companies are willing to offer , which gave Zhao Xiuying very pleased that the future can be a monthly old pensioners . However, repeated counseling after the discovery, she Hebei continue to pay pension insurance is difficult in Beijing , her account in Jilin, Hebei and Beijing ‘s should go home for future pension receive treatment is also very complicated. She said that if payment of the pension insurance segment is not attached to the last count, might as well not pay the insurance , payroll deduction less now .

Human Resources and Social Security Social Security Louis Vuitton Bag Center statistics show that among the 2011 national basic pension insurance payment issued credentials to transfer and continuation of the successful transfer of people only 20% , about 80% of the people after the flow , or no employment, after the job did not go to either apply or not apply successfully .

Some places to consider for the benefit of the insured set many Louis Vuitton Bag restrictions. Some cities do not allow non- household population with flexible employment status endowment insurance , some cities under various pretexts to refuse to undertake older workers pension insurance relationship . In addition , the lack of unified regulations on operational aspects , but also affect the transfer connection . A staff member of the social security department of Guangzhou City bluntly , if you want to deal with migrant workers inter-provincial transfers , as in the ” life of mutual recognition ” and other aspects of the country there is no uniform regulations, they basically take the ” set aside” manner.

The flow of migrant workers in urban and rural areas , Louis Vuitton Bag  China’s pension insurance for workers and new agricultural insurance how convergence has not yet made detailed provisions directly affect migrant workers continued insurance .

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Louis vuitton bag South Korea against North Korea threatened to blow Hua Chunying the 20th Foreign Ministry spokesman said that China opposes any act that is detrimental to peace and stability on the Korean peninsula, hope all parties concerned to refrain from escalation of tension leading to the peninsula’s words and deeds.

In a regular press conference that day, a reporter asked, Louis vuitton bag it was reported on the 20th, the South Korean government officials said North Korea on the 19th National Defense Commission notice on behalf of South Korea, due to the desecration of the North Korean “supreme dignity”, the DPRK will not send notification the case of South Korea to combat. What is your comment?

Hua Chunying said, We have noticed relevant reports. Louis vuitton bag In the interests of maintaining peace and stability on the peninsula parties, but also the common responsibility of all parties. China opposes any acts harm the peace and stability of the peninsula. We hope relevant parties to maintain calm and exercise restraint and avoid taking lead peninsula tensions words and deeds.

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Louis Vuitton Bag Readers Hu spent 200 yuan to buy a pair of designer shoes called thousand dollars , but in less than two weeks wearing soles fracture occurs . Originally thought Hu picked up cheap , buy shoes actually discovered a double fake, he was just one of many dupes . However , as one activist Hu was prepared to find that the promises unconditional return of the buy site , but playing the customer missing.

Cabbage price buy brand soles wore two weeks off

Mr. Hu in November 15, 2011 , by buy search to find a man named Cai group buy site . Participated in the site was quite a popular buy activities , purchased a Danish brand ECCO (ECCO) matte leather men’s casual shoes ( order number : 43712 ) . At the time, buy the site presentation described the paragraph as 2011 new leather shoes , Louis Vuitton Bag original price 1752 yuan , group purchase price is only 218 yuan , and the unconditional return within 15 days. Hu shoes style trendy nice to see , there are thousands of people at the same time buy, coupled with a world famous cabbage price you can buy , they immediately buy a pair .

A week later, Mr. Hu received by courier to the group net diesel shoes, then open the shoebox first Louis Vuitton Bag glance , that the shoes looked pretty good work ! Looks also very British style . Hu did not expect to make is that this new pair of shoes to wear only two weeks , there have soles and soles of the feet when walking is not fit arching sense , therefore , Hu checked the shoes, the soles inside the shoes found a serious breakage.

Before I received the shoes , the shoes are only interested in the way , Louis Vuitton Bag do not care about the other issues. Hu told reporters after the soles fracture was found , he also considered the quality of the shoes and did not suspect that he might be cheated into buying a fake. To this end , he deliberately went to the courier had to search to find the shoebox , but found it did not brand shoes should have three packs of cards.

After Hu aware there Louis Vuitton Bag may be selling fake shoes , then call the customer service hotline 4000080884 firewood Mission Network , but no matter how Hu call , the phone is always sorry , you want to call …… busy . Subsequently, Mr. Hu has repeatedly by diesel online customer service QQ group messages to each other , but the other has been taken offline, and still no reply.

Since then, Mr. Hu will be sent off the bottom of the shoe repair shop and was told that shoe repair shop, this material is not real leather, it costs no more than hundred dollars.

Sold fake brand

Customer disappeared

According to Hu Louis Vuitton Bag reflected buy problem , the reporter called ECCO (ECCO) China Customer Service Center , the reception of Miss Zhou said they rarely cooperate with group buying site , nor had there and the wood group net buy partnerships. In addition , Ms Chow said they never will be similar in 2011 of new shoes to sell at such a low price too , even those first two years of production of the old inventory of shoes , its price will not be lower than the 600-500 yuan .

In order to buy the shoes closer Hu verify authenticity , Louis Vuitton Bag the reporter will then buy online links firewood group pages distributed ECCO customer service . Buy after viewing the contents , ECCO Chow Chinese Corporation said they have never produced anything like this kind of styles of shoes to buy online , and will not appear new shoes sell price of $ 200 . Thus affirm the buy site selling shoes for the counterfeit products.

Meanwhile, the reporter also based on firewood groups online customer service telephone and other means of communication , trying to contact the Cheshire group net terms , but as readers Hu described the same situation , although the display on site customer service phone reception hours are from Monday to Friday 9:00 to 22:00 pm , but no matter when the last call , the phone prompts you to all busy …… rather like QQ and MSN instant messaging , you always lifeless unmanned online status , and no reply after a message .

Reporters then landing firewood Home Mission found that the site since November 7, 2011 launched the final phase of buy activities , I have not updated. The search for Baidu , you will find a lot of complaints from users of the site before buying Nike, Converse and Adidas sneakers are not genuine.

Small buy Network

Almost turned into a money-making and selling land

The past two years , the network buy fast, due to the low operating threshold buy site , some of the fraud gangs began to covet the network buy the market . You can spend a few thousand dollars to set up a so-called small buy site , the site does not have any record, nor leave any real information , shot for a place to unscrupulous businessmen has become a means to evade regulation , which also makes many consumers rights has become very difficult.

Insiders appeal , Louis Vuitton Bag  be sure to choose a well-known and authoritative buy buy site Daquan site consumers buy, buy melee in the current period , for the ridiculously cheap goods do not be tempted. In addition, hundreds of home cosmetics buy site , but it is worth under a single site is not much. Some site navigation unknown strongly recommended to buy cosmetics users a website , there are most likely to close the customer’s advertising costs, so consumers buy when searching for judging the content needs to keep your eyes open .

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Japanese Foreign Minister shore louis vuitton handbags 20, met Ambassador Cheng Yonghua, Chinese Foreign Ministry in both parties on the development of bilateral strategic and mutually beneficial relations and efforts to maintain a dialogue to reach a consensus.

Reported that the establishment of a strategic relationship of mutual benefit is the consensus of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Chinese President Hu Jintao when he  louis vuitton handbags was appointed in 2006 to reach. In the case of Japan and the Diaoyu Islands issue because of continued opposition, in order to calm the situation, Kishida ChengYongHua in talks with their respective basic position was confirmed.

Kishida told the media after the meeting, said: “We should actively  louis vuitton handbags  consider the dialogue agreed on this point, a meaningful exchange of views meeting atmosphere is very friendly..”

Louis vuitton handbags  Cheng Yonghua also stressed that Sino-Japanese relations are important to both sides, will be trying to get back on track strategic and mutually beneficial relations.

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Louis vuitton handbags Central recently released proposed comprehensive deepening reform decisions , nominating and study in conjunction with the above -level Commission for Discipline Inspection louis vuitton handbags Commission for Discipline Inspection at all levels of the organization department based deputy secretary . Experts believe that this provision will Discipline Committee will officially nominate the right to institutionalize effective solution under the “dual leadership” lack of discipline inspection efforts problem.

Central Commission for Discipline Inspection personnel rights tightening place : to prevent the ” Command head butt ”

Eighteen Third Plenary Session of the closing day , louis vuitton handbags the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Standing Committee meeting , stressed that ” should be based on current and long , study and formulate the dual leadership system of discipline inspection work specific procedures , institutionalized advice , focusing on the details of the system design . ” [More ]

In 2006 , the provincial party committee , the disciplinary committee of louis vuitton handbags 15 adjustments , there are 10 from the field or the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection . By the end of 2011 to June 2012 , carried 29 of the provincial party committee , the central ” airborne” or any of the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection to move off-site , there are 16 people. This indicates a certain degree of central control and the right to nominate the right to appoint the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection , breaking the past nominated by local party committee secretary of the local discipline inspection practices . [ More]
Interpretation of the discipline ” dual leadership ” system

“Dual leadership” mainly related to human, financial , louis vuitton handbags  and material in three areas , especially people, the so-called dual leadership , vertical leadership or peer leaders , who are mainly responsible for the appointment and selection , which is responsible for whom this is the most critical issue.

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